Campbell's Soup K- Cup Review

Hi, I'm back with a quick review. So we tried out the new Kuerig Campbell's Soup K cups for my son's lunch today. 

My initial thoughts were, "this ain't enough noodles" but once the broth plumps them up,  it's plenty enough for a child.  You will need two if you're feeding a larger man. 
Campbell's soup noodles in a 17oz Thermos

Taste: It's the same Campbell's soup taste we grew up on.  Yummmm 
Cost  : At 9 dollars per 6 count you are definitely paying for convenience and the peace of mind that your 7yr old can make this independently vs. the hazards of sharp metal cans and stoves. 

Overall Thoughts : Tasty and child friendly, we'll definitely keep these on hand for the winter months.   

We picked these up at Food Lion.

1 comment:

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